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If you have a mural project for us, indoors or outside, small or enormous, for your home, your business or your community....


Here are a few helpful things that you can tell us about your needs.

 - Who are you?

Aside from it being nice to know each others names, it is important that you tell us if you are a business, community organisation or a person, just looking to have something they own painted. 

 - What would you like?

We can design original creations based on a theme you have in mind.

We can copy or recreate anything you have good refernce pictures of.

We can promote your business bringing a hand crafted touch of class to your space.

 - What surface?

Tell us about where you want painted, size (the more accurate the better), type of wall, where it is located, and it's condition. Can you provide us pictures, to save a thousand words. We will endeavour to visit sites before design commences to assess the space to be painted ourselves. 


 - How Much?

Tell us, your budget. Some jobs can be completed in a day, under the right circumstances.

Our current rate is set at £300 per day or £500 for larger jobs requiring two people.

We only charge for larger quantity materials: Primers, main colour choices and protective coats. All other expense is included in our day rate. (Exception: travel above 30km per day and accomodation)

We also require a non refundable deposit when commencing projects of one third of the jobs total cost. This deposit covers design time, materials and ensures your project is scheduled to an agreed time frame.



 - When do you want it for?

We cannot guarantee availability but letting us know as early as possible if you have an ideal time for us to paint  gives you a better chance of making it happen.



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