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Kioki - Bar Lounge Club.

From initial contact to completion this project took 3 months and took place as the building was being recreated around us.

The Kioki team, had furniture and features themed around vibrant flowers and foliage as well as beautiful statues from Bali downstairs in the Cocktail bar/lounge.

Our brief was to transition this strong theme and identity through the halls and stairways to the upstairs "Jungle Clubroom" and outside to the covered garden, agreed to be themed as a managed garden, with landscape views. We also painted some details to the front to hint at what is within.

This was an incredible project to be part of hats off and thanks to the owner, Kioki team and all the super tradesmen who some how managed to work around and on top of each other. A good example of when ambition, drive and the right team can create magic.

Enjoy the photos and be sure to visit the place to see loads more of the awesome details and experience it for yourselves

DB PC 2022 Professional Mural Art Hire

Wharf Green SN1, InSwindon 2021

Wharf Green was a commission by InSwindon town centre bid, who gave us complete creative freedom to create a mural for the town centre. InSwindon's aim is to encourage people back to the town's centre and along with observation from the site inspired our design almost immediately.

The trees in front of the wall could be mirrored on the wall to enhance the depth of field they provided. The weathered wooden cladding of the car park above would make a good colour reference for the willow tree spirit who would stretch out an open hand to offer it's part in the patterns of nature.

The flower of life and changing of the seasons link nicely to the ever changing nature of the town centre and what it provides for those it serves.

A big thanks to Anita Bellinger whose vision, trust and drive created this opportunity.

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